Various Clients

Packaging Design

We understand that packaging design is not just about wrapping a product – it's about creating a captivating experience. We believe that a well-designed package has the power to tell a brand's story, communicate its essence, and forge an emotional connection with consumers.

Lian Yi BBQ Seafood

Lian Yi is a dining establishment dedicated to offering generous portions of authentic and fresh Seafood BBQ. We were had the opportunity to collaborate with them on the debut packaging design for their Sambal Chili Sauce.

Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom, a Singaporean brand specialising in mushroom products. We revitalising their packaging design ahead of their islandwide debut. The design of the packaging also incorporate photography and digital imaging.


Illume is an e-commerce specialising in hair and skincare products. Our involvement extended beyond just their logo, encompassing the creative direction for their packaging design. Embracing a sleek aesthetic appearance.