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Marketing & social media in Singapore by Lighthouse

Whether if its traditional or digital marketing like social media, we work with you to create a proper marketing strategy and market your brand through either or both medium.

We don’t just run your marketing, we embrace it. We work with you and your business to humanise your brand so that your audience can relate to it. We will understand your needs and advise you accordingly what is needed and what is necessary. Lighthouse can help set up your strategy based on your budget.

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Why choose

Lighthouse Creative?

Our process is what separates us from other branding and marketing agencies. We work with businesses to ensure that the final product is exactly what they want and will help them to reach their business goals.

There's no limitation on marketing

There is no right way to approach marketing but only the best practices. Each industry and brand need to take a different approach when creating their marketing strategy or campaign. We take three approaches when creating our strategies.


Organic strategy

This is where we study and understand what is the requirement your brand needs. From there, we will work with your brand and advise you accordingly what is needed and what type of medium to use. We will also create content that your brand going to use or post or both!


Targeted advertising

While the organic plan is in play we set up and create targeted advertising campaigns that reach directly to your audience. We go into detail and set up respective social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube focused advertising that reaches your audience so that we can track impressions. We create all the advertising creative including, photos, graphics, video, and more.

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Have been approaching Eric for advises and designs for quite some time now and he never fails to exceed my expectations! Good attitude. I really feel my money is well-spent here! Wouldn't look for alternative!