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Logo Conceptualisation

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Logo serves as a visual representation of a brand, company or individual. It acts as a concise and memorable symbol that encapsulates the essence, value and identity of the entity it represents.

We recognise that a well-designed logo is crafted to evoke instant recognition and association in the minds of customers and clients. It plays a pivotal role in cultivating brand awareness, establishing trust, and conveying the overarching personality of the brand.

Lian Yi Logo

WeHuat Contractor

WeHuat Contractor, is a local business specialising in manpower contracting services, approached us for the design of their logo for their new business. By incorporating the word "WE," we devised a logo that ingeniously mirrors a "W" when viewed horizontally and transforms into an "E" when viewed vertically, directly tying into their company name. This design aptly embodies the essence of "WE" at the heart of their identity.

Lumineers Cars / Lumineers Leasing

While Lumineers Cars and Lumineers Leasing share a common name, they are distinct and independent entities. Lumineers Cars operates as a car dealership, while Lumineers Leasing focuses on car leasing. Despite their separate identities, we maintained a consistent visual theme in their logo designs. Both logos predominantly feature their respective initials. Lumineers Cars embodies a bold and reputable image, while Lumineers Leasing reflects a sense of agility and reliability.

Lian Yi BBQ Seafood

Lian Yi is a dining establishment dedicated to offering generous portions of authentic and fresh Seafood BBQ. Lian Yi sought a new logo that exuded an authentic Chinese essence. To achieve this, we designed a logo featuring an ancient Chinese font, skillfully transforming it into a traditional Chinese seal. The incorporation of the English name at the bottom provided a harmonious blend of traditional and modern elements.